E2 Series


The SiFive E20 Standard Core is an extremely efficient implementation of the E2 Series configured for very low area and power. The E20 brings the power of the RISC-V software ecosystem to efficiently address traditional 8-bit and 32-bit microcontroller applications such as IoT, Analog Mixed Signal, and Programmable Finite State Machines.

Further optimize the E2 Core for the smallest area using SiFive Core Designer.


  • Machine Mode only
  • 2-stage pipeline
  • System Port for external memory accesses
  • Core Local Interrupt Controller (CLIC) with 32 interrupts
  • Advanced debug with 4 hardware breakpoints/watchpoints
  • 1.22/1.84 DMIPS/MHz (Legal/Best Effort)
  • 2.51 CoreMark/MHz


Series Overview


The E2 Series is highly-optimized for area and power while still offering class-leading performance. Targeted for microcontroller and embedded devices, the E2 Core can be configured to be as small as 13.5k gates with an efficient 2‑stage pipeline or configured for higher performance with a 3‑stage pipeline, hardware floating-point, instruction cache, and more.

Using SiFive Core Designer the E2 Series can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements.



  • Configurable core performance
  • Single precision Floating Point Unit
  • Custom memory map and ports
  • Optional Tightly Integrated Memory (TIM)
  • RV32E support with the smallest core configuration as small as 13.5k gates and is .005mm2 in 28nm


  • MEMS Sensors
  • Power managment
  • Digital motor control
  • Low-power MCUs
  • Health wearable monitors
  • Environmental monitors


CoresAreaStandard CoresARM Comparison
E2 系列 E20 ,E21 ,E24

M0, M0+, M3, M4, M23, M33

E3 系列 E31 ,E31

R4, R5

E7 系列 E76 ,E76-MC

M7, R7, R8

S2 系列 S21


S5 系列 S51 ,S54

R4, R5

S7 系列 S76 ,S76-MC

M7, R7, R8

U5 系列 U54 ,U54-MC

A5, A7, A35, A53

U7 系列 U74 ,U74-MC