Smart Gas

As a dedicated industrial network, the smart gas pipeline system has become the key component of the national critical information infrastructure. Thus, the system's reliability and security matters vital to national well-being and the people's livelihood.

Together with our partners and based on the self-developed RISC-V SoC, StarFive has developed an industrial internet security product with completely independent intellectual property rights. This product takes the lead in applying the bottom-layer SoC technology, which is domestic independent innovative, to the smart gas solution. It also has provided the end-to-end service – “IoT Smart Meter + Carrier Network + Security Platform + Enterprise IoT Platform”, supporting smart device connectivity, remote data transmission, and a unified management platform, enhancing the infrastructure data security, and safeguarding the smart pipeline network.

Industrial Security Gateway

As an important component of China's key information infrastructure, industrial control systems are widely used in various fields such as finance, electricity, petrochemicals, rail transit, manufacturing, etc. With the development of Internet, intrusion and attacks against industrial control systems have shown exponential growth, and the municipal, medical, and manufacture industries have become the worst-hits for network attacks. StarFive has jointly created industrial Internet security products and zero-carbon smart energy solutions with customers. The solution takes the lead in applying innovative chip-level technologies to smart energy products and solutions. The solution supports connection with smart devices, remote data transmission, and unified platform management. Based on our China-independent RISC-V architecture hardware platform, we aim to create fully autonomous and controllable domestic security computing equipment to safeguard the intelligent gas network. The solution runs on the JH7110 SoC independent from StarFive and constructs an intelligent industrial control security operating system with independent intellectual property rights.