S2 Series

The S2 Series is a 64-bit microcontroller highly-optimized for area, efficient performance, and simplified integration into 64-bit SoCs. The S2 core has the same efficient 2 stage or 3-stage pipeline as the E2 Series as well as a Core Local Interrupt Controller (CLIC) enabling extremely fast interrupt response. The S2 Series can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements.

S2 Series Key Features

64-bit CPU

Greater than 32-bit physical address

Optional Tightly Integrated Memory (TIM)



64-bit Embedded Controller


Industrial Automation

Management Core

S5 Series

The S5 Series offers 64 bit RISC-V performance with 32 bit power and area. The S5 core has a 5-6 stage pipeline, offering a great balance between performance and efficiency.

S5 Series Key Features

Up to 8 coherent S5 Cores and optional L2 Cache Controller

Configurable core performance

Double precision Floating Point Unit

Level 1 Memory System and ECC

Number, type, and width of bus interfaces

Support for SiFive Insight Advanced Trace and Debug


Consumer Electronics

Motor Control

Industrial Automation


High-performance embedded

S7 Series

The S7 Series offers a 64-bit embedded processor targeting high-performance, real-time applications that require 64-bit memory addressability. The S7 core has a superscalar 8-stage in-order pipeline.

S7 Series Features

7 core architectural features

  • RV64GCV capable core
  • Dual Issue, in-order 8 stage Harvard Pipeline

Performance and Area

  • DMIPS – 2.5 DMIPS/MHz
  • Coremark – 5.1 CoreMarks/MHz
  • Core Area is only 30% larger than equivalent 3/5 Series Core

Very flexible memory system

  • Optional I$ and D$
  • Optional I and D TCM interfaces
  • Optional Fast IO (FIO) for low latency, high-bandwidth, memory mapped IO

Functional Safety and Security and Real Time features

  • SECDED ECC on all L1 and L2 memories
  • Programmatically clear and/or disable dynamic branch prediction for deterministic execution and enhanced security

Multi-Core Capable with Coherency and optional L2

High End Embedded Applications

SSD Controllers

IoT Edge Computing

Wireless Radios