S2 Series

The S2 Series is a 64-bit microcontroller highly-optimized for area, efficient performance, and simplified integration into 64-bit SoCs. The S2 core has the same efficient 2 stage or 3-stage pipeline as the E2 Series as well as a Core Local Interrupt Controller (CLIC) enabling extremely fast interrupt response. The S2 Series can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements.

S2 Series Key Features

64-bit CPU

Greater than 32-bit physical address

Optional Tightly Integrated Memory (TIM)



64-bit Embedded Controller


Industrial Automation

Management Core

S5 Series

The S5 Series offers 64 bit RISC-V performance with 32 bit power and area. The S5 core has a 5-6 stage pipeline, offering a great balance between performance and efficiency.

S5 Series Key Features

Up to 8 coherent S5 Cores and optional L2 Cache Controller

Configurable core performance

Double precision Floating Point Unit

Level 1 Memory System and ECC

Physical addressing up to 47-bits

Number, type, and width of bus interfaces


Consumer Electronics

Motor Control

Industrial Automation


High-performance embedded

S7 Series

The S7 Series offers a 64-bit embedded processor targeting high-performance, real-time applications that require 64-bit memory addressability. The S7 core has a superscalar 8-stage in-order pipeline.

S7 Series Features

Up to 8 coherent high-performance RISC-V real-time processors

Supports an in-cluster coherent combination of application processors with real-time processors (S7 and U7)

L2 cache available for high-performance applications (optional)

New microarchitecture features for enhanced security and real-time determinism

Physical addressing up to 47-bits

64-bit computing for embedded applications

Floating Point Unit supporting Double, Single and Half Precision

Tightly integrated Core Local Port

Bit manipulation extension


High End Embedded Applications

SSD Controllers

IoT Edge Computing

Wireless Radios