StarFive Released Open-Sourced Dubhe Linux SDK in RVspace Community


Fllowing the product delivery announcement, on Monday (December 13), StarFive released the "Dubhe Linux Software Development Kit (SDK)" based on Yocto Project in RVspace community. The SDK was open-sourced on GitHub and is fully accessible to community users. Learned from its introduction, the Yocto-based SDK supports any Linux distributions for embedded projects, and allows easy migration to other platforms even in a different architecture. It provides a rich tool-set and complies with flexible development environments. It is made for collaboration. It enables the embedded device developers from different territories to share technologies, software stacks, configurations, and best practices for creating custom Linux images. To ensure the best-in-class customer experience, the SDK launched by StarFive this time also includes a Yocto-based extension (eSDK). With the extension, developers no longer need to download the storage-consuming packages from Yocto. Instead, just in a few steps, they can recompile the entire system in no time. To learn more about how it works, you can go to and download it for a trial.

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