A RISC-V World First Independently Developed RISC-V Mainboard for a Framework Laptop from DeepComputing



RISC-V pioneer DeepComputing announced that their first RISC-V Mainboard, compatible with the Framework Laptop 13, is about to be released.

 DC-ROMA RISC-V Modular Mini Mainboard

Sporting a RISC-V StarFive JH7110 SoC, this groundbreaking Mainboard was independently designed and developed by DeepComputing. It’s the main component of the very first RISC-V laptop to run Canonical’s Ubuntu Desktop and Server, and the Fedora Desktop OS and represents the first independently developed Mainboard for a Framework Laptop.

DeepComputing is leading the way in connecting developer communities, suppliers, tools and systems with the world of RISC-V.

With open module specifications and extensive modularity, the Framework Laptop 13 is an ideal platform for enabling access to RISC-V in a thin, light, portable form factor. The Framework Laptop with DeepComputing’s Mainboard is a compelling choice for developers, tinkerers, and students looking to experiment and create on RISC-V.

Framework Laptop 13

Says Yuning Liang, CEO of DeepComputing: “This is just the beginning. This modular RISC-V mainboard showcases our commitment to pioneering open-source hardware solutions that will empower developers and enthusiasts alike.”

He went on to add: “With significant advancements in the RISC-V SoC landscape especially at a very very fast pace such as improved performance, energy efficiency and advanced feature integration, RISC-V is increasingly becoming more and more competitive with traditional architectures. For DeepComputing, the time was right to create an upgradable RISC-V mainboard compatible with the modular DIY world.” 

Nirav Patel, CEO of Framework noted: “There is fantastic philosophical alignment between the Framework and RISC-V communities with a focus on developer and end-user empowerment.  We designed the Framework Laptop from the start to enable this kind of architectural flexibility, and we’re excited to see what DeepComputing is creating with the new RISC-V Mainboard.” 

Tao Xu, CEO of StarFive remarked: "By supporting the development of the RISC-V Mainboard, we were able to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of our JH7110 SoC and fully demonstrate the potential of RISC-V technology to drive innovative solutions.”

In running Ubuntu, the Framework Laptop 13 is able to harness the power of the most popular Linux distribution in the world today, providing developers with an outstanding mix of operability and reliability, as well as the latest advancements in security and user interface. 

Gordan Markuš, Director of Silicon Alliances at Canonical noted: "We are thrilled to see the convergence of open standards resulting in such a versatile and refined product. The Framework Laptop 13 with a DC-ROMA RISC-V Modular motherboard will ensure more developers and innovators flock to the RISC-V ecosystem. Canonical is particularly enthusiastic about Ubuntu facilitating access to the open-source software ecosystem for users of this platform. This kind of ecosystem collaboration truly reflects the collaborative and open nature of the RISC-V community."

Wei Fu, Principal Software Engineer at RedHat and RISC-V Ambassador added: "Fedora is one of the earliest operating systems to support the RISC-V architecture. This collaboration between Fedora, DeepComputing and RISC-V further strengthens the integration of open-source software and hardware, leading to a more robust and dynamic RISC-V ecosystem.” 

“We congratulate DeepComputing and its ecosystem partners on this latest innovative achievement,” said Tiffany Sparks, Vice President of Marketing for RISC-V International. “This is another great example of the creativity and collaboration powering the RISC-V community, and we look forward to seeing this in the hands of end users.”

DeepComputing’s RISC-V Mainboard, compatible with the Framework Laptop 13, will debut June 24-28 at The RISC-V Summit Europe 2024 in Munich, Germany. 

Visitors can check out other exciting new RISC-V products from DeepComputing and its many partners and collaborators at the premier event connecting Europe’s RISC-V movers and shakers.

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