Breaking News! The industry's first RISC-V IoT security chip, "Towngas Chip", had sold over 1,000,000 pieces


July 2023, Towngas Group officially announced that the sales of the first RISC-V IoT security chip "Towngas Chip" had exceeded 1 million pieces, which marks that the RISC-V open-source architecture has achieved an important breakthrough in the digital new infrastructure of the energy industry!

“Towngas Chip” is jointly developed by StarFive, ChinaFive, and Towngas Lifestyle. It is based on the advanced RISC-V IP of StarFive and the chip hardware foundation of ChinaFive, as well as the security protocols and platform specifications of Towngas Lifestyle. All these have injected "chip" vitality into the energy industry in the rapid digital transformation. At present, the main application scenario of "Towngas Chip" is the smart gas meter. This smart gas meter can achieve bidirectional authentication with the Towngas IoT platform, secure storage of keys and data, and encrypted transmission of key data through the built-in security "Towngas Chip" to ensure secure data communication.

The Towngas IoT platform, through unified management of keys and encryption and decryption of data, jointly constructs a complete security protection system between the terminal layer, network layer, and platform layer, laying a solid foundation for the security and controllable solution of China's gas meters in the underlying technology.

Currently, smart gas meters with built-in "Towngas Chip" have been used in many cities, safeguarding the gas safety of Chinese residents. In the future, "Towngas Chip" will expand to more energy IoT application scenarios.

Previously, Xu Tao, founder, and CEO of StarFive stated at the "Towngas Chip" press conference that "RISC-V has the advantages of simplicity, openness, and customizability, which is very consistent with the specialized and customized characteristics of IoT intelligent gas meter data security applications. RISC-V chips can achieve the goals of low power consumption and high safety, and have extremely high cost-effectiveness, making them the best choice for gas meter security chips”. The performance of the chip once again confirms this viewpoint, which is significant progress in the strong alliance between leading energy companies and RISC-V chip companies.

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